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Global footprint


Chengdu Medical Project

Location: Time Tunnel, Jinmahu, Chengdu East Station
Covered area: 7,000㎡/30,000㎡/30,000㎡
Services: women’s hospital, plastic surgery, rehabilitation, diagnostics and treatment center, etc.


Xinxin PARK Ecological Experience Shopping Center

Location: D7 District, Chongqing
Covered area: close to 6,000 ㎡

Chongqing Dongyuan Hushanyue

Introduction: Cooperating with Dima Industry and uniting medical organizations in Korea and Singapore, the project will cover areas such as plastic surgery, dentistry, diagnostics and treatment, women’s hospital and rehabilitation, etc.
Location: Hushanyue, Dongyuan, Chongqing
Covered area: more than 40,000 ㎡


Beijing Medical Project:

Location: Beijing
Covered area: 3,000 ㎡
Services: diagnostics and treatment, dentistry, plastic surgery


Tianjin Medical Project:

Location: Tianjin
Covered area: 3,000 ㎡
Services: diagnostics and treatment, dentistry, plastic surgery


Shanghai: New Hongqiao International Medical Center

Location: Situated in Shanghai Hongqiao Business Zone——the central region of Yangtze River Delta
Covered area: close to 30,000 ㎡
Services: plastic surgery, dentistry and postpartum rehabilitation, etc.

Shanghai: Luye Plastic Surgery Center

Location: Science and Technology Oasis, Caohejing, Shanghai
Covered area: approximately 3,000 ㎡
Services: plastic surgery focusing on eye / nose, dermal anti-aging, obesity plastic surgery.


Nanjing Medical Project:

Location: Nanjing
Covered area: 3,000 ㎡
Services: diagnostics and treatment, dentistry, plastic surgery


Wuhan Medical Project

Location: Wuchang District, Wuhan
Covered area: close to 5,000㎡
Services: diagnostics and treatment, dentistry, plastic surgery, etc.


Yantai: Shandong Luye International & Sino-Korea Medical Center

Introduction: Strongly supported by Yantai Municipal Government, Luye Medical Group will establish Luye (Sino-Korean) International Medical Center, an integrated medical cluster comprising rehabilitation nursing, plastic surgery, postpartum nursing, geriatric medicine, cardiovascular center, anti-tumor center and orthopedics center, in the Hi-tech Zone of the City. This project represents an important progress in Korea’s efforts to internationalize its health care industry.
Location: High-tech Zone, Yantai
Covered area: close to 300,000㎡
Projects in progress:
LUYE Ellium Women’s Hospital
LUYE Goodwill Dental Hospital
LUYE Ellium Plastic Surgery Hospital
LUYE Bobath Rehabilitation Hospital
Luye Medical International Training Center (LMIT Center)

Yantai: Luye International Health City

Introduction: Luye International Health City will be an international- standard complex for aged care that brings medicine, nursing, rehabilitation, education, high-tech and ecology all together, with an aim of building China’s top showcase for medical rehabilitation and aged care.
Location: It is located close to Yantai Botanic Garden, a key development area in Yantai renowned for its good ecological environment.
Covered area: close to 700,000㎡