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1994year Luye Pharmacy Be born

Luye Pharma was founded in 1994; on 18th June the same year, the first batch of products was formally put into production. Since then, Luye Pharma embarked on its path of rapid growth through high operational efficiency.

1995一1998 Cultural Foundation

n 1996, the group confirmed its mission as “professional technology serves human health".
In 1997, Luye People started publication. 24 Criterion of Luye People emerged at the same time, laying the foundation for Luye culture.

1999一2003 Innovation

R&D Center was established and recognized as a State Key Laboratory  Established Pharmacy College with Yantai University

10year2004year First Milestone of tapping the Capital Market

The group was listed on SGX in 2004, representing the first milestone in Luye’s development history.

2005一2007 Great-leap-forward Development

From 2005 to 2007, the company started to develop in leaps and bounds. Overseas export sales started during the period in line with the company's newly-formed internationalization strategy. The group also developed rapidly through completing a number of acquisitions, including Glycididazole Sodium product, Nanjing Kanghai, Nanjing Sike and Beijing WBL.

2008一2010 Strategy Confirmation

State Key New Medicine Development Launching Program Luye is one of the first batch of enterprises that assumes the responsibilities in the major special programs.
One of the group companies, Shangdong LUYE Pharma, obtained Australian TGA certification.
Approved by MOST to build national key laboratory for long-acting and targeted delivery methods;
Ultimately established future strategic development target: to become one of the global top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises by 2020.

2011一2013 Reform and Development

In 2011, completed the 100% acquisition of Sichuan Baoguang Pharma, enabling the company to enter the diabetes industry on a strong foundation;
In 2012, 1st stage development of the group’s industrial park in the High-tech Zone of Yantai was completed;
In 2013, inception of Luye Changqing College under the personal leadership of Chairman Dianbo Liu ;
In 2013, Shangdong Luye Pharma obtained EU GMP certification.


In 2014, Luye Pharma Group celebrated its 20th anniversary and on 9th July, successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange;
In August, Luye Pharma entered into an agreement with Hanmi Pharm to co-develop Poziotinib for cancer therapy;
The National Key Laboratory for Long-acting and Targeted Delivery Methods was commissioned by MOST.

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