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LUYE Goodwill

Brief introduction:
Established in 1998, Korean Goodwill Dental Hospital has three chain facilities in Busan. In September 2012, since the completion of Deok-Chon dental specialist building, the hospital has been equipped with an all-round and comprehensive dental treatment system. It is regarded as the most reliable dental hospital in Busan and Gyeongnam areas and the only JCI-accredited dental hospital nationwide.
LUYE Goodwill mainly provides dental implant, teeth whitening, saprodontia treatment orthodontics, etc. The team consists of more than 30 dentists and 250 professional medical staff, who are capable of providing world-class medical services for customers.

  • Dental implant
  • Whitening
  • Saprodontia
  • Orthodontics
Core advantages:
1、The only JCI-accredited dental hospital in Korea
All Goodwill hospital chain facilities are JCI-accredited, of which treatment safety and medical services are of international standards. For the safety of patients, the hospitals formulated more than 1,000 evaluation criteria, including through pain management and infection control measures, to ensure world-class services for customers.
2、International training experts
Goodwill medical team won awards in WCUPS 2012 and ICOI 2011 academic conferences. In addition, they have held more than 100 lectures both at home and abroad to pass on their advanced knowledge and technology to dentists from other countries. Goodwill Dental has been awarded the hosting right of WCUPS 2015.
3、World-class Dental Clinic Research Center
Goodwill has established clinical research agreements with dental leading dental equipment enterprises in Korea, America and Italy to ensure its leading role in world dental technology.